Believe in yourself. Be proud of your heritage.

Our story

This is our unique design.

We wanted to create beautiful bracelets that speak to those who wear them, and natural stones that could be worn even to running, swimming and shower, so we crafted these gemstone motivational bracelets for an active lifestyle. They are strong, light, adjustable. 

We chose engraved stainless steel, onyx, lazurite or jade and a strong knitting cord. You can wear all day and to all occasions. 

About our national flags collection: We created the high quality earrings and bracelets, wanted people to appreciate the history of their country, and be proud of their heritage. So we crafted our national flags collection of unisex stainless steel bracelets and sterling silver earrings. Wear them and make a statement for the healthy love of your country. 

You are welcome to contact us with ideas for quotes or national flags you would like to turn into jewellery.  

Your ILMJ team. 



Company information:

Strong Minds AB is registered in Sweden 
Org.nummer: 556911-0355

Office address (not a return address, we have no storage there): 

Strong Minds AB 
Venngarn Foretagscenter
19391 Sigtuna

Call us on: 0046 735 041 104